We solve tough multivariable control problems...

  • with sophisticated model-based control science
  • in a wide range of applications and industries

You can't afford to waste resources because of poor control!

With nTrolus neXus in the loop, you:

  • Reduce costs
  • Save time and resources
  • Improve product quality and consistency
  • Increase yield

Let nTrolus help you take control of your processes.

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Multivariable (MIMO) processes call for a controller that models the process as a whole, not a collection of unrelated loops.

Our patented algorithms derive the system model and controller from real-time process data, automatically.

Modeling is automatic

  • No "expert" needed
  • Controller generation is fast and easy
  • Your process describes itself!

Flexible and adaptable

  • Easily adapted for different control objectives
  • Works on square and non-square systems
  • Heterogenous or homogenous process variables

Easy to configure and use

  • Fine-tune speed and damping, directly
  • Simple process variable configuration from graphical user interface


We're experts in every aspect of model based control. From design through deployment, nTrolus can partner with you to put your processes under optimal control.

neXus Integration

  • I/O subsystem customization
  • Controller integration and test
  • Custom control platform design


  • neXus Workbench
  • Control system strategy
  • Control optimization

Control system implementation

  • Control and SCADA system design
  • System software development
  • Systems integration


Q: What is the best form factor for a multivariable controller?

A: The form factor that fits your system's needs!

nTrolus offers neXus, an array of multivariable control solutions that include a "best fit" for your system.

neXus Embedded Engine

  • neXus controller software integrated into your RTC
  • Integration and programming services available from nTrolus

neXus RD

  • Utilizes industry-standard COTS hardware from National Instruments®
  • Powerful real-time controller
  • Flexible I/O subsystem -- quickly tailored to handle any combination of sensors and actuators

neXus Appliance

  • Support industry-standard I/O protocols like Modbus, RS-422
  • Available in a variety of form factors
  • Custom neXus Appliance is available for applications with special requirements